Play Everywhere Case Studies

  • BUSt! Boredom

    Lexington, KY

    Delightful mini-installations bring kids and families closer while they wait for their ride at the public transit center.

  • GovPorch

    Charlotte, NC

    Kid-friendly activities in the downtown municipal plaza create a welcoming front porch for the city.

  • The Hangout

    New Orleans, LA

    A fun, safe place to play brings music and light to the Lower Ninth Ward.

  • Happy Lane

    San Francisco

    Get Ready, Get Set, Get Healthy! A dynamic activity path takes visitors through an unexpected pursuit of happiness.

  • iPlay Miami Streets

    Miami, FL

    Five Miami districts transform dead-end streets into unique, kid-friendly playspaces.

  • Jump @ MARTA

    Decatur, GA

    A splash of color to a bland transit corridor invites City of Decatur train commuters to play along the way.

  • OX4D Plays

    Houston, TX

    Playful additions to Oxford Place Apartments set the standard for making play a priority in public housing communities.

  • Playful Gardens

    Tucson, AZ

    Bridging the gap: residents of Pueblo Gardens create a safe route to school filled with history, culture and art.

  • Rail Trail Symphony

    Charlotte, NC

    An existing transit walking trail provides the perfect space for a musical interlude.

  • SandZone!

    Berkeley, CA

    Kids and families in the Berkeley Lorin District get a surprise invitation to play in the sand.