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We work to end playspace inequity by uniting with communities to build kid-designed playspaces.

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Connecting With Culture and History Through Play

Connecting With Culture and History Through Play

Puentes De Salud and Nationalities Services Center are making playful spaces to help kids and connect with their own heritage.

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How Ending Playspace Inequity Creates New Spaces for Kids to Play, Learn, and Dream

When KABOOM! partnered with Franklin Elementary School to revitalize an outdated schoolyard, the possibility of a kid-designed playspace created a ripple effect across the Oakland community, bringing together countless individuals and organizations committed to creating a space that will help every Franklin student can unlock their greatest potential.

Everything is special about Franklin Elementary. Find out why.

Standing with Black Children and Communities

KABOOM! stands in support of nationwide calls for racial justice. We do not hesitate in saying that Black Lives Matter, and that Black Children Matter too.

Black Americans are facing two pandemics: COVID-19 and structural racism. The first emerged recently and is still poorly understood. The other was meticulously crafted over 400 years and is so woven into the fabric of our neighborhoods, our institutions, and our society that at times it feels impossible to imagine an America without it. Both are devastating Black communities, and both demand bold action.

We say Black Children Matter because childhood often looks radically different depending on your race, and that’s a reality that we cannot continue to accept.

Race predicts whether a kid gets access to the things that are needed to live a healthy, joyful life. This means, among other things, good schools, nutritious food, accessible parks and safe, high-quality spaces to play.

This is not new. We have known about racial disparities for generations, but they continue to persist. These disparities represent more than a lost opportunity or an uncomfortable truth. For Black Americans, they are quite literally deadly. This is unacceptable. We say the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake, and countless others, and we commit to listen, learn, evolve, and act.

We must do better. Our kids are watching.

KABOOM! works nationally to end
playspace inequity.

We unite with communities to build kid-designed playspaces that can spark joy and foster a sense of belonging for the kids who are often denied opportunities to thrive.

Our mission: end playspace inequity for good.

Play Everywhere: Turning Everyday Places into Playspaces

We created the Play Everywhere concept to inspire kids to play every day and to incorporate it into their normal routines.

Play Everywhere innovations and installations bring play to unexpected, but everyday spaces, making play easy and available for kids and families.

Our Partners

We've partnered with more than 275 organizations to build playspaces for kids in communities facing disinvestment. As a result, our partners have engaged employees, empowered communities, built stronger brands and given kids the childhood they deserve.

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