Far too many kids lack adequate places to play due to the ongoing effects of systemic racism.

These inequities have left communities of color with less access to playspaces than their white counterparts, limiting their ability to fully experience the physical, social, and emotional health benefits of play.

KABOOM! acknowledges this injustice. So we create playspaces, in partnership with communities, to further long-term progress towards community-driven goals — goals that improve the lives of kids.

Playspace Inequity has a two-part definition: access and belonging.

Access to Playspaces

First, it is a lack of access to quality playspaces. In order for kids to experience the physical, social, and emotional health benefits of play, they need high-quality places to play. Places that are close to home and school — near where they regularly spend their time.

Across the United States, kids within communities of color disproportionately lack access to quality playspaces. It’s unacceptable. It’s unconscionable. What’s true for one kid, in one community, should be true for all kids, in all communities.

A Sense of Belonging

Playspaces must be places where people feel they can use the space without feeling conspicuous or looked down upon by others. They must be places where a person’s identity is affirmed and celebrated, and where individual cultures and preferences are designed for and nurtured.

A community could have an amazing playground on each street corner, but if kids don’t feel like they belong at those spaces, it wouldn’t matter.

We cannot end playspace inequity until kids, families, and communities of color feel safe, welcome, included, and comfortable in their community playspaces.

KABOOM! focuses resources to build playspaces in communities where access has been denied due to systemic racism and centering racial equity in our work so communities can shape the process, playspace, and impact — a sense of belonging.

  • Community Builds

    We believe in the power of community to unify, heal, and rebuild. Our community engagement model ensures every playspace we build leads to the outcomes defined by our community partners.

  • Play Everywhere

    KABOOM! created Play Everywhere to inspire kids to incorporate play into their normal routines. These innovations and installations bring play to unexpected, but everyday spaces, making play easy and available for kids and families.

  • Disaster and Crisis Recovery

    Play is critical to help kids heal following a disaster or crisis, as they deal with the stress of lost homes, loved ones, routine, and normalcy. KABOOM! responds when there are natural or man-made disasters that impact kids.

The 25 in 5 Initiative to End Playspace Inequity

Our five-year plan to accelerate our efforts towards achieving our mission of ending playspace inequity for good across the United States. Learn more and complete the interest survey.