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Build it with KaBOOM! pairs one of our dedicated funding partners with a community partner, that's you, who then come together to plan and build a brand-new playground. Our community-built playgrounds generate a tangible, achievable win for your community, transforming your space into a great place to play for kids and families.

Kick-start your 2020 community-build application now!

Kickstart your 2020 playground grant application and make a difference in your community

Starting today through November 15, our team of grant experts is available to help you kick-start your application for our 2020 Build it with KaBOOM! grants. We want to help you develop the best application possible so your community can be ready as we start to award our 2020 community-build grants! Along with extra support for your application, eligible communities that submit their application by November 15 will also get early consideration for 2020 Build it with KaBOOM! opportunities.

Not sure where to start? Have questions? Use the "Help" button below to contact us and one of our grant experts will contact you to discuss any questions you might have. Please include your full name, organization, city, state and a description of your question. All emails will be answered in the order that they were received. To get started, us the "Apply today" button.

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  • Receive a new, custom-designed playground and hand-crafted amenities to make the playspace truly yours!
  • Engage community members to work toward a common goal.
  • Participate and lead a planning process to help you fundraise, build relationships, and develop media relations skills that will strengthen your community and can be used for future projects.

Eligibility and process

Build it with KaBOOM! grant opportunities are based on geographic locations where and when KaBOOM! currently has funding. KaBOOM! encourages potential community partners to apply in advance. As grant opportunities present themselves, KaBOOM! can quickly be in touch with you to schedule the next steps in the application process.

A qualified Community Partner must:

  • Serve a low-income and/or special needs community.
  • Have no playground or need to replace an existing unsafe or outdated one.
  • Work with the community, with guidance from a dedicated KaBOOM! Project Manager, to fundraise toward the cost of equipment.
  • Own the land on which you wish to build, or have a long-term lease and get permission from the landowner to construct a playground.
  • Demonstrate ability to recruit a team of parents, neighbors, and community members who are excited about serving on the planning committee for an eight to ten week period, plus recruit approximately 100 community members to participate on Build Day.
  • Complete any needed site preparation on at least 2,500 square feet in order to create a flat, dirt surface (e.g., removing old equipment or asphalt, etc.)
  • Secure soil tests, utility checks, and build permits in a timely manner.
  • Identify community resources to secure additional in-kind contributions such as breakfast and lunch for Build Week, tools, restroom facilities, and a dumpster.
  • Accept ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the playspace upon completion of project.

A Build it with KaBOOM! grant provides the facilitation and support of an experienced Project Manager as community members embark on a 5–12 week planning process. After selection, all partners will join together for a community Design Day, inviting play experts (the kids, of course) to design their dream playspace. Your hard work and required weekly planning will result in a six-hour community-build day, where you'll transform your community space to include a permanent play structure and site enhancements that will make your space 100% unique to your community. Site enhancements vary for each project due to location, budget and scope of project; please see our playground enhancement projects to brainstorm what projects may be part of your community-space vision.

Information and resources

The KaBOOM! team is always ready to talk to you about Build it with KaBOOM! grants. If you have any questions, email and one of our experts will follow-up with you as soon as possible.