Community-Built Playspace Grants

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Plan, design, and build a new community playground, Multi-Sport Court, or Adventure Course by working with KABOOM! and our partners.

Our Community-Built Playspace grants are a partnership between your community, one of our dedicated funding partners, and KABOOM!.

As a Community Partner, you'll lead a process that will center your community's voices — both kids and adults — to design, plan, and build a new playspace using our signature community-build model.

At the end of the process, your community will have an amazing place for kids to play. A place that allows them to fully experience the physical, social, and emotional health benefits of play. You'll have also helped KABOOM! take one more step towards ending playspace inequity, by providing your community's kids access to a quality playspace and by fostering a sense of belonging within your community.

Types of Community Playspaces

Depending on your community's needs, available space on your property, and available funding, KABOOM! offers three different types of playspaces. Once you've submitted an application, KABOOM! will evaluate your eligibility for the different types, and begin a conversation with you to determine which playspace is best for your community's kids

Ages 2-5 & 5-12


Swings, slides, hanging, climbing, and more

Ages 10+

Adventure Courses

For older kids looking for their next challenge

Ages 5+

Multi-Sport Courts

Basketball, hockey, volleyball, and more


Opportunities for Community-Built Playspace grants are specific to certain cities or metropolitan areas within the United States.

Current Opportunities

KABOOM! is currently seeking applicants in the following cities or metropolitan areas. If your community isn't within one of the communities listed below, we do not recommend applying at this time. Please check this page regularly for changes in our eligible communities, or subscribe to our Grant Alerts to receive periodic email notifications. Last updated 06/06/2021

Greater Los Angeles area
San Francisco Bay Area
Crowley County
East Colfax Corridor
Montrose County
Otero County
Rio Grande County
Fort Lauderdale
Greater Atlanta area
Greater Chicago area
New Orleans
Prince George's County
New Jersey
New York
New York City
North Carolina
Fort Worth
Salt Lake City
Washington D.C.
Greater Washington D.C. area

Community-Built Playspace Process

The Community Playspace grant provides the facilitation and support of our Community Engagement Managers and Build Managers to embark on a 5-12 week planning process.

Our Community Engagement Model

Screening Process

Includes reviewing your application submission for eligibility.


Meeting KABOOM!, the funding partner, and confirming key dates.


Determining your community's goals and outreach strategy.


Hosting workshops to determine the final playspace design, and reviewing logistics for the Build Week.


Weekly planning calls and completing all preparation for where your final playspace will be built.

Build Week

A four-day building of the playground by volunteers, hosted by you and a KABOOM! Build Manager.

Download Our Process Summary

For more details on the entire process, download our Community Build Playgrounds Summary, which includes more details on how the entire project comes together.

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How to Apply

To prepare for filling out our online application, we recommend downloading and reviewing our Application Preview to understand the information you'll need to complete the application.

Download the Application Preview

Once you are ready, take our eligibility to quiz to quickly determine if your community is eligible for a Community-Built Playground opportunity.

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Our team is always ready to talk about Community-Built Playspace grants. If you have any questions, contact us and one of our experts will follow-up with you as soon as possible, typically between 3-6 business days.