Working to Achieve Playspace Equity

Playspace equity is the ability for every kid to have access to incredible places to play.

When kids don't have a place to play, something's fundamentally wrong. A community that lacks access to quality playspaces also misses out on the chance to give kids the joys of childhood and the physical, emotional and social benefits of play. And all too often, this more deeply affects communities of color.

We envision an America where every kid can get the play they need to thrive, regardless of race, zip code and family income. When we achieve playspace equity, kids will be able to play close to where they live and learn, and those playspaces will be high quality and built upon the desires of the community.

Every elementary school would have a place for kids to experience the simple joys of childhood. Teens would have a place in their neighborhood where they can have fun with peers, be themselves and know it's where they belong. Communities would have a place to come together and forge unbreakable bonds.

Together, we can spark hope. Together, we can enable kids to reach their full potential. Together, let's end playspace inequity.

For kids. For communities. For good.

Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our mission to end playspace inequity is more urgent than ever. In many communities, kids won't have a playground to go back to once this crisis is over.

We know the power a playspace can have on a community recovering from any crisis — especially ones that the pandemic is compounding now.

Learn how KABOOM! is tackling the pandemic

Building Playspaces through Community-led Builds

For more than two decades, we've teamed up with bold and dedicated community members and kids to understand their unique needs and desires. Then, all together, we build inspiring places to play.

We've built or improved 17,000+ playspaces, engaged more than 1.5 million community members, and brought joy to over 11.5 million kids.

Our signature program, called Build it with KABOOM!, pairs funding partners with communities that are experiencing disinvestment. This partnership, led by the community using our know-how, results in the creation of a new playspace. Our community-built playgrounds generate a tangible, achievable win for communities too familiar with broken promises, too much talk and little, if any, action.

A new playground for kids. A spark of hope for the entire community.

If your community's kids don't have an incredible place to play, find a program that fits your neighborhood and start your playspace application today.

Spaces for Teens

Many teens, especially in communities of color, must respond and navigate to challenges that force them to grow up too fast. These dynamics reveal the need for us to provide positive outlets where teens feel like they belong and can enjoy being active with friends.

We've responded to this common community need by building playspaces designed with teens in mind. KABOOM! Adventure Courses and Multi-Sport Courts reignite the spark of youth with a versatile range of desirable play options, from traditional sports to obstacle courses. These playspaces can engage, inspire and support this older age group, helping community's ensure all their kids of any age, get to play.

We Drive Innovation in
Playspace Design and Access

KABOOM! works to bring play to everyday spaces. Through our mobile, Creative Play products such as Imagination Playground™ and Rigamajig®, we help distribute playgrounds that can move from site to site and ignite the imaginations and creativity within all kids.

We're also working to turn more everyday spaces — sidewalks, bus stops, laundromats, or empty lots — into great places for kids to play. Our Play Everywhere initiatives grant resources and the knowledge that community leaders need to breakdown behavioral and systemic barriers that are preventing kids from opportunities to play.

Play Everywhere installations can be low- or high-cost, scalable and mobile. But most importantly, they are fun, convenient play-along-the-way opportunities that reflect each community's unique culture.

Helping Communities Heal

Play is critical to help children heal following a disaster or crisis, as they deal with the stress of lost homes, lost loved ones, lost routine and lost normalcy. KABOOM!, alongside our partners, responds when there are natural or man-made disasters that have an impact on kids.

Partnering with Cities to Build
Playspaces in Under-invested Neighborhoods

KABOOM! builds connections with municipal leaders to help assess the playspace needs of under-invested communities. Then, we leverage our extensive fundraising expertise to drive investment into neighborhoods and use our community-led playground builds to engage residents, aged 8-to-80, in the planning and building processes.

Together with municipal agencies, we are able to transform underused open spaces, parks and existing playgrounds into safe, fun and beautiful spaces for kids and their families to recreate and gather.

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    Let's team up. With your help, we can bring together diverse collaborators to create safe, imaginative playspaces that nurture kids' development, unite neighborhoods and spark community driven action. Let's end playspace inequity. For kids. For good.