KABOOM! 25 in 5 Initiative
to End Playspace Inequity

The KABOOM! 25 in 5 Initiative to End Playspace Inequity is our five-year, $250 million plan to accelerate efforts towards achieving playspace equity across the United States.

The future health and well-being of our kids is deeply connected to the places where they live, learn, and play. KABOOM! works to end playspace inequity so that every child can experience the same benefits and have access to the same opportunities to thrive that places to play provide.

Our bold goal:
End playspace inequity in 25 playces in 5 years

We will accelerate progress to end playspace inequity in 25 playces over the next 5 years nationwide to address key child and community outcomes, closing the gap in access to great places to play in the communities, systems, and networks in which playspace inequity exists.

Far too many kids lack adequate places to play. This is especially true in Black and Brown communities that are already bearing the brunt of disinvestment and lack of resources. KABOOM! is committed to addressing racial inequity stemming from systemic racism, which is the root cause of inequitable access to quality places to play.

Eliminating playspace inequity in 25 playces is achievable, and aligns with community efforts to create broader systemic change. Over the next five years, we will work alongside the places and people - systems, municipalities, and nonprofit networks - to ensure that every child can access the critical development benefits an amazing place to play provides.

This work is even more urgent today. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has threatened the livelihood of communities and weakened the physical, social, and emotional health of all children who are growing up under the weight of the pandemic. Ending playspace inequity will allow us to collectively make progress towards addressing this acute mental and social health crisis our children face.

25 in 5 Initiative - Girl plays a xylophone

How the 25 in 5 Initiative Will Work

Our work to end playspace inequities in 25 playces will ultimately lead to a roadmap for scaling our efforts across the country.

The 25 in 5 initiative will focus on building partnerships with communities, nonprofits, municipal agencies, and other organizations that provide a network of playspaces where kids live and learn. Together, we will identify the specific playspace inequities and gaps in access to quality playspaces in local systems to ensure places to play are built where there is the greatest need.

The 25 priority places will be selected based on where we can most effectively work with local systems and partners to identify and address the playspace inequities that exist and track our impact over time.

  • Phase 1: Map, assess, and issue a public report on the playspace equity need across the identified system.

  • Phase 2: Create the plan to address the identified inequities, and then quickly activating that plan, and

  • Phase 3: Focus on measuring impact and advancing best practices to achieve outcomes.

How to Support the 25 in 5 Initiative

"We need the partnership of funders, communities, nonprofits, municipal agencies, and other organizations that support kids. Playspace equity is achievable in our lifetime, and together, we can work to end playspace inequity for good."
- Lysa Ratliff, CEO, KABOOM!