Children's Activities

You can get youth involved in every aspect of the project - from design and fundraising to side projects and donor appreciation. You can also build community involvement by asking people to donate materials for children's activities, and you can support active adult participation by arranging childcare for meetings and fundraisers.

In this section, we'll cover the following topics:


Remember that young people are more than simply the reason we've come together to build a playspace. Their creativity, enthusiasm and energy are valuable assets that can add to the success of the project. And by getting involved, they'll gain a sense of responsibility and ownership toward the playspace while learning about the power of volunteerism. Make sure to remember the following:

  • Organize childcare for meetings and fundraising events (recruit older youth as babysitters!).
  • Work with the Fundraising Captain to involve children and youth in fundraising efforts.
  • Get children and youth involved in the planning process through special activities and school events.
  • Coordinate the participation of children and youth in Design Day.
  • Organize activities for children and young people during Build Day(s), including volunteer appreciation activities.
  • Recruit and advise youth co-chairs or a youth council to take on planning tasks.