Build a Playground Toolkit

Guide to organizing your community to plan, organize and build community-built playspaces

Our Build a Playground Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to do what KABOOM! does — create places to play for kids using a community-build model. From fundraising to volunteer recruitment, our toolkit will help take your project from start to finish with over two decades worth of KABOOM! knowledge, advice and best practices.

Getting Started with the Toolkit

Our toolkit is based on a figurative roadmap, split into eight "mile markers", to organize and guide you as your community plans its playground build. Additionally, we've provided dozens of sample documents, templates throughout the toolkit's pages. These downloadable documents provide everything from meeting icebreakers to sample press releases.

If you are just getting started with your project, we recommend reviewing our roadmap for perspective on everything you'll encounter on your journey.

Roadmap resources, sample documents and downloads

Guides by Committee