September 30, 2009

Yogurt lids build great places to play

Stonyfield FarmYou may remember a few months back when KaBOOM! and Stonyfield Farm offered two $50,000 grants for new playspaces. The catch? You had to collect the most specially-marked yogurt lids.

Catherine Elliot, an enterprising college student in Auburn, Maine, saw her local Boys & Girls Club in disrepair and began a huge lid-collecting drive...and eventually won! It took awhile to organize, but as of Sept. 26, thanks to the grant and the help of volunteers, that Boys & Girls Club has a new gym floor. They also spruced up their outdoor side lot.

The winning group got to choose a second organization to get the other grant, and they chose Laurel Elementary School in Laurel, Md. They got over 200 volunteers together and built two playgrounds on May 30, and then went on to get Laurel named a Playful City USA.

It's great to see these wonderful projects coming together! (And now I've got "We Built This City" by Starship going through my head, but with the lyrics "We built this playground! We build this playground on yoooogurt liiiiiids..." Everybody sing!)