Powerful stories of how KABOOM! transforms communities across the country

Overcoming the Pandemic to Build a Playground for Baltimore's Kids

By KABOOM! | November 12, 2020

Students at Hamilton Elementary/Middle knew that nearby school systems had great playgrounds, but theirs was outdated and deemed unsafe. The community came together, overcoming the pandemic, to make sure Hamilton's kids got the playground of their dreams.

See photos and watch the video from this special project

Why Playgrounds Matter In Rural America

By KABOOM! | September 21, 2020

In rural communities, physical distance or a lack of a local tax base can limit kids' access to playspaces and the benefits they provide for health and well-being.

KABOOM! helps create active, rural community engagements to benefit kids

The Importance of Black Nonprofit Leadership in Defining Racial Equity Strategies

By KABOOM! | August 26, 2020

Black leaders at KABOOM! discuss the importance of prioritizing racial equity in their work and the need for racial diversity within the philanthropic sector.

Read the perspectives of some of the Black leaders of KABOOM!

Parks Aren't Public Until Black Kids Belong

By Sianna Simmons-Afari | July 23, 2020

Where can Black kids feel like they belong? Where are they truly safe? Every kid, every community, must have places where they can experience the playful moments that become lifelong memories.

Reckoning with racial exclusion in parks and spaces for play.

Bringing Play to Kids with At-Home Playground Design Kits

By KABOOM! | May 21, 2020

Bringing a bright spot of joy to the kids hit hardest by the pandemic.

See the photos from our very first At-Home Playground Design Kit distribution

Detroit Parks and Recreation on Centering Equity in Crisis and Recovery

By Ronda Jackson | May 20, 2020

A Q&A with Meagan Elliott, Chief Parks Planner for the City of Detroit about creating playspace equity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read how Detroit is addressing questions facing city leaders across the nation

Building a Future for Kids Requires Rebuilding America's Schools

By Ronda Jackson | May 15, 2020

The next federal stimulus package must include the Rebuild Americas School Act, which would provide funding to support school construction.

Let's use this moment to build a more equitable future for kids regardless of their race or zip code

KABOOM! Agrees: Cities Are Essential

By James Siegal & Ronda Jackson | May 13, 2020

To ensure cities are able to effectively meet the needs of residents, national leaders must support local governments working on the front lines to stem the damage caused by COVID-19.

Why we've signed on to the National League of Cities letter calling for direct economic support for cities

Now is the Time to Invest in the Infrastructure of Childhood

By Ronda Jackson | May 11, 2020

Cities have ground to a halt, bringing to light a too often overlooked aspect of society: the infrastructure of childhood. Good schools, quality healthcare, nutritious food, and safe places to play are undeniably important.

What is "returning to normal" for kids where "normal" didn't exist in the first place?

Even in crisis, we must keep listening to youth

By Lysa Ratliff | April 3, 2020

COVID-19 has layered new challenges on to youth already forced to navigate decades of structural disinvestment. Kids and teens are losing their social connections and the roadmap for their future.

KABOOM! is committed to a multi-sector approach that addresses these issues