April 27, 2009

Town in England raises money for playground...with magic!

What a sweet story! A magician helped raise money for a playground in England by putting on magic shows as fundraisers. It's nice the city also saw this new playground as a funding priority and put £50,000 from the lottery fund towards it. Here's a snippet from the article:

The new facilities will be put in next to Spixworth Village Hall this summer, and will include skate/BMX ramps, a basketball or kick wall, swings for children of all ages, climbing frames and a slide.

Broadland District Council had previously decided the area was lacking in facilities for children and teenagers, and gave the scheme almost £50,000 from money it had received from the Big Lottery Fund, as well as several grants from the council's own finances.

The village hall also raised around £8,000 through an auction, raffles, grand draws, and two magic shows from magician Paul Daniels.

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