July 28, 2009

Today in Play: Does your asset map include a cow and a field? Here's a fundraising idea!

All you need for a fundraiser: A cow and a field
You may think you need a big budget, a rented hall and a fancy catered dinner to hold a successful fundraiser. Not true! All you really need to raise thousands of dollars is a cow and a field. Folks in Stratham, N.H. bought $5 tickets, each correlating to a spot on a field where a cow would...well, mark. Then on the appointed day, a cow was led to that field, and the person holding the ticket with the, um, "winning" patch of grass got $250. The rest of the proceeds (between $2,000 and $3,000) went to the playground fund. You can read the full story here (Seacostonline.com).

Major League Soccer All-Stars playground build
Today, KaBOOM! is building a playground in Salt Lake City with The Home Depot and several Major League Soccer All-Stars, including Kyle Beckerman, Javier Morales and Freddie Ljungberg. Our Sports Central posted a couple of stories about it...we'll be sure to let you know when we post the photos! Read more here and here (Our Sports Central).

Play Days
A big thank-you goes out to the National Law Center for children and families for encouraging their law enforcement partners to host Play Days in their communities. You can read their announcement here.

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