September 10, 2009

Tell the world, "I Participate!"

The number of Americans who volunteer regularly has not increased in 40 years. Service experts and community leaders agree: we are at a critical moment when real change is needed.

This fall, the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) will mobilize the entire entertainment community around a groundbreaking multi-year initiative, called “iParticipate,” which is designed to inspire a new era of service.  

KaBOOM! has joined EIF to help make service a part of who we are as Americans and show what we can achieve when we all pull together. Here are just a few ways that KaBOOM! can help you to contribute your efforts:   

  • ParticipateShare a great (or not-so-great) place to play: Make sure your favorite place to play is on our national map! Show us what makes your park so great, show us what parks need a little help, and find other great places to play with the Map of Play.
  • Improve your local park: From picking up the trash to building a new bench, there are lots of simple ways that you can improve your neighborhood park. We’ve got everything you need right here—from ideas to get you started to plans to help you build great new items for your park.
  • Build a new place to play: Need a new playground, skate park, or sports field for your neighborhood but you’re not sure how to start? We’ve helped thousands of communities across the country build brand new places to play—and we can help you. Our Build a Playground Toolkit will take you step by step through our community-build process.

With this groundbreaking effort, EIF will help empower millions of Americans to discover volunteer opportunities in their local communities.  Check out the iParticipate website for yourself and see how you can make a difference.

UPDATE: Check out this great video from the Emmy's red carpet. All these awesome stars participate - do you?

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