October 29, 2008

Teen raises money to build a special playground

(Note: Samantha, AKA Sammy12, is a frequent poster in the KaBOOM! Forums)

By Andy Mattison
Syracuse (N.Y.) 10 News
Oct. 26, 2008

PHOENIX, N.Y. -- Meet 17 year old Samantha Furco, a senior at John C. Birdlebough High School in Phoenix. She's undertaking a project that few kids her age would even care about, let alone carry out.

It all started one day at her brother's football game. She noticed a little boy in a wheelchair, watching other kids play on the playground.

"He couldn't play on the playground with the rest of the kids, seeing his little brother play and not him it's kind of heart wrenching,” said Samantha Furco. [More]

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