March 24, 2010

Playful City USA communities to get "more well"

We should all take a moment to congratulate three terrific Playful City USA communities for their work to make sure their children are healthy and happy.

As part of the Community Putting Prevention to Work initiative, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded grants to communities across the country to promote wellness. New York City, San Antonio and Tucson were among those selected!

New York City received $15.5 million in funds to develop and implement wellness strategies. A major portion of the funds will be dedicated to training thousands of teachers in physical education, while also promoting “active design” by planners and architects.

The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District was awarded $15.6 million to improve opportunities for physical activity, nutrition and active living. A significant component of the grant involves expanding public facilities, including schools, for after-hours use – a joint-use agreement concept being adopted by several Playful City USA communities.

The Pima County Health Department received $15.8 million to work with Activate Tucson and other area groups to boost physical activity and improve nutrition in the county. A critical element of the grant will center on providing convenient and affordable access to high-quality parks and recreation facilities throughout the region.

Do you live in a Playful City USA? If not, get the ball rolling because cities and towns across the country are leveraging their Playful City USA status to receive grants just like these. The 2010 application is due on June 1 and is available now!

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