August 22, 2008

Placard-waving children protest to save playground

Bathurst (Canada) Northern Light
Aug. 22, 2008

MONCTON - The children of Ackman Court could teach adults a thing or two about perseverance and social consciousness.

For the past several days at least two dozen of them have circled their playground in the Lewisville area waving placards and chanting "Save our park!"

"This was their idea," says parent Rachelle Williams. "I had 10 kids come asking for money to buy bristolboard and markers and this and that. I couldn't say no."

On Tuesday, contractors came to tear out the park, known as the Winnie Reiker Playground, but the kids put up such a fuss the workers agreed to give them a week to appeal the decision to remove the play area. [More]

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