October 26, 2009

Parks protect your health

This comes as no surprise - yet another study shows that living near parks or green spaces is good for your health! According to WebMd, "Close proximity to green spaces was associated with less depression, anxiety, and other health problems in a newly published study. The relationship was strongest for children and people with low incomes."

What impressed me most with this study is how closely it aligned with the KaBOOM! vision of creating great places to play within walking distance of every child. Check out this statistic:

"The strongest associations we saw between green space and health occurred within a 1 kilometer [0.6 mile] radius of the home," study researcher Jolanda Maas, PhD, of Amsterdam's VU University tells WebMD.

So, in other words...walking distance.

Sometimes I shake my head at all these studies affirming what we already know - that it's better to live close to a park or green space than not to. But there are still folks out there who need convincing about the importance of play and being able to connect with nature, so studies like this are still needed and appreciated.

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