June 03, 2011 Kerala Taylor

From our CEO: 6 ways to get your kids, and your neighborhood, outside this summer

In the days of yesteryear, parents used to tell their kids, "Go outside and play." And when kids went outside, a miraculous thing happened -- they found other kids to play with.

Sadly, fewer and fewer parents now utter those magical four words, and those kids who are sent outdoors have a hard time finding playmates. Where is everyone? Well, probably at sports practice or on the couch glued to the TV.

The unfortunate truth is that recreating a culture of communal outdoor play is going to require some legwork for modern parents. The good news is that it can be done, whether you're a stay-at-home parent or have a full-time job. In his latest Huffington Post piece, our CEO Darell Hammond shares six creative, community-oriented ideas for a summer filled with unstructured outdoor play. This isn't just about getting your kids outside, but your entire neighborhood!

  1. Join the Park-A-Day Summer Challenge
  2. Close a street for play
  3. Create a pop-up playground
  4. Run a neighborhood summer camp
  5. Turn your front yard into a neighborhood hang-out spot
  6. Facilitate nature play

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