June 11, 2009

Obama emphasizes importance of playgrounds in healthcare speech

At a speech on healthcare in Green Bay, Wis. June 11, President Obama emphasized the importance of play and playgrounds.

"Michelle and I always used to talk -- when we were kids, folks our age and over will remember this -- (laughter) -- basically, your folks, especially during the summer, you would leave at 8:00 a.m., and then maybe you came home for some lunch, and then you'd be gone until dark and you'd come back in. And that whole time you were out there running around. Well, kids aren't doing that. Now, some of it is safety issues, and that's why public safety is important; having playgrounds is important; having adults who are willing to volunteer for Little League and basketball leagues -- that's all important. But we've got to get our children into healthier habits. That in turn will lead to healthier adults."

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Wow! This is awesome! It's so great the president is promoting healthy lifestyles by emphasizing the importance of play.

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