October 06, 2009

Kids had a blast at Play Days!

Kid with watermelonWe keep hearing great stories about fun Play Days that took place all over the country. From super cute kids eating watermelon (like the one to the left) to sprucing up Little League fields to arts and crafts, folks had a great time and made a difference in their local communities. If you haven't shared your Play Day stories and photos yet, do so now! Be sure to read the wonderful stories below, too.

In Dallas, the kids and parents loved the Noche de Divercion de Familia Play Day! One kid exclaimed, “This is the greatest. We get to pick whatever we want to do. We don't have to pay for it or buy tickets. I love to draw and I got to make a picture with the chalk.” One of the parents shared, “They have thought up many ideas that were not expensive and also fun. The other thing I like is the snacks were healthy. I want my children to play like I did when I was a child.” Another parent said, “My daughter is autistic and normally she has problems with new things, but these activities she could do just like everyone else. Before she did not really like to exercise, but this day she did.” Check out lots more cute photos, like the one in this post, on their site.

Ontonagon, Mich. also had a special Play Day. The members of the community were able to work together to improve the playground and Little League field. It was also a great day for the kids who got to run around and use their imaginations to develop their own games and activities. Here’s what one parent shared after the Play Day: “People came out and made things happen. A small community with tough economic times proved this past weekend that things can actually happen. When you have a few enthusiastic people to encourage people, what a difference it makes our schools, community and our kids. Our dugout for Pony ball games looks great and an old backstop fence was pulled out that has been there for years just taking up space. What a difference.” Check out a few playful photos from the big day.

It was sunny in Philadelphia as the city’s Weed and Seed Project hosted a Play Day that was attended by over 300 people. The kids, teens, parents, and seniors enjoyed tons of activities, including a youth chess tournament, hopscotch, line dancing, a drum team, social service info tables, a moon bounce, face painting, and football. The Play Day host reflected, “Two years prior to this event we began revitalizing the park to deter drugs, alcohol and violent crime occurring there. The park was void of youth and upstanding community members due to concerns of safety. Today there is a new play structure, the park is clean, beautiful and safe again, but most of all the community has reclaimed their park. This was evidenced by the number of community members attending our Sept. 19 event, all of whom expressed appreciation for our efforts and the ability to enjoy the park again. It communicates how important it is to have greenspace in which our children engage in good ole fun.” Check out all of the fun here.

The kids of Talladega, Ala. had Salter’s Fabulous Friday Fun Play Day. At a school where 98 percent of kids receive free and reduced lunches, the staff values any help they can get to give the kids the same experiences as more affluent schools. The Play Day host said, “I guess I didn't really realize how much structured play our kids have until I saw them having so much fun with simple things like jump ropes and hula hoops! We've had so many groups that volunteered that day who have asked if they can help us with other things at the school. The retired senior group wants to come read with the children. The college cheerleader sponsor told the kids he'd give them free tickets to the basketball games if they made the honor roll...When the day was done and all the things were cleaned up, the bottom line is the kids had a blast and that's what it was all about.” See photos from this awesome day.

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