November 24, 2009

Kids give thanks for play: #2

Later this week, Americans will gather around their dining room tables, eat turkey, and give thanks for their blessings. I hope that everyone who reads this blog will remember to give thanks for PLAY!

As you may recall from yesterday's post, each day this week, I'm going to highlight a great thank you card. These were written and drawn by kids who got a great place to play thanks to local volunteers, KaBOOM! and our generous corporate partners.

I'm not going to lie to you - today's card makes me laugh in that "OMG this child is so adorable" kind of way. From the flags (which I'm guessing they were studying in school at the time) on the inside and outside to the faces he draws to the glee over being able to use blue paper that is so effervescent it BUBBLES UP INTO THE TEXT...this one's a gem. Enjoy.

Thank you card - front

Thank you - inside

Thank you - back

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