September 27, 2010

It's almost time to Play On!

Play On 2010Are you ready to play? Play On 2010 is a hands-on, interactive conference designed for parents, teachers, coaches, youth workers, community advocates, and everyone else who wants better tools, techniques, and strategies to make play part of their community. Register soon because it’s coming up on October 12 and 13 in New York City.

An inspiring speaker line-up includes Juju Chang, the news anchor for ABC’s Good Morning America, and David Elkind, Professor emeritus of Child Development at Tufts University.

KaBOOM! will be hosting four great sessions:

Community Building Model: Building Playgrounds While Building Community

This session will discuss the evolution of KaBOOM! programming, which now allows any individual to rally their community to plan and execute a Community-build playground project using an online planner. This planner is a part of a suite of online tools and resources that empower individuals and communities to self-organize, plan and execute a number of different actions from planning Play Days to developing joint use agreements with schools.

Partnering for Play (in conjunction with NFL, 24Hour Fitness, Playworks, and Team Up for Youth)
What makes a good partnership? How can partnering with a company or organization impact your strategy? What do you need to do to identify and partner with organizations that share your goals? Hear from like-minded organizations that share common goals on how they work together to fulfill their objectives of increasing opportunities for play and physical activity for our youth.

Play Matters
Play Matters features 12 innovative best practices, focusing on how cities have increased the time and space for play. Advocates and officials can identify effective policy and programmatic solutions, and methods for increasing the quantity, quality, and access to play in their communities – dramatically impacting community health and wellness.

Using Social Media to Advance the Play Movement (in conjunction with Playworks)
Heard the buzz, but scared to jump on board with social media? Join us and learn how to use social media to reach our goal to provide healthy play opportunities for youth each and every day. For the inexperienced to well-versed, this workshop will share tools and tips to using social media to propel the play movement. We'll use our shared knowledge to develop some key actions to further the play movement using social media.

Learn more and register now. We hope to see you there!

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