December 14, 2009

Inspiration Monday: Peyton Forest Elementary

On Thursday we showed you what a built-in-a-day playground looks like. Now, as part of our ongoing Inspiration Monday series, we’re going to tell you about what happens after the playground is built!

The kids of Peyton Elementary School in Atlanta, for example, are learning in a whole new way, thanks to the new playground that was built on Oct. 22.  

Teachers are using the playspace to enhance their lessons. The Language Arts classes are doing role-playing and performing plays in the outdoor classroom, while the science classes are using the observation deck to collect water samples. Several teachers have also been inspired to use the nature trail

One teacher even allows well-behaved children to earn extra time for recess on the playground, which helps enhance the harmony of the classroom.

And in addition to the school, the community loves to gather at the new playspace. The school counselor will be using the grounds for an open house to invite and build partnerships within the community. The church across the street uses the Nature Trail on Sundays to teach the children about nature and uses the playground during the children's church hour. 

Learn how to build an outdoor classroom.

Learn more about the Peyton Forest playground here.


Stay tuned next Monday for another inspiring story!


"Inspiration Monday" is a new, regular KaBOOM! blog feature written by Dave Flanigan, director of operations for the KaBOOM! Project Management team.


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