December 07, 2009

Inspiration Monday: Pecan Park Elementary

Ever wonder what happens to a community after their playground is built? We’ve got some great stories to share. Each week I will be sharing a inspiring story from one of our past community-built playground projects. I encourage you to share your stories too!

Here’s one from Pecan Park Elementary in Jackson, Miss.

The KaBOOM phrase "It starts with a playground" is so true and visionary, especially for Pecan Park. Building a KaBOOM playground on May 18, 2006 was the first of many exciting health-related improvements for the school. As a result of the build, the school received a “Health is Academic” Start Up Grant from the Mississippi Department of Education. In the summer of 2007, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Mississippi gave the school a grant to build a quarter-mile walking track on the campus. This new track was the perfect place to implement the “Let's Go Walkin' Mississippi" program

That same year, the school received a Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant and have already renewed for this year. Last summer, Project Fit America cardiovascular stations were installed, and a two year commitment to support the program was provided.

The playground was a catalyst to make all of this happen and we are proud of all the great accomplishments that the school has achieved. Way to go, Pecan Park Elementary!

You can learn more about the Pecan Elementary playground here

Stay tuned next Monday for another inspiring story!


"Inspiration Monday" is a new, regular KaBOOM! blog feature written by Dave Flanigan, director of operations for the KaBOOM! Project Management team.

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