December 10, 2009

Help map 500 Bay Area parks by Dec. 31!

If you happen to be living in the San Francisco area and were watching the ABC 7 evening news last night, you may have heard about the partnership between KaBOOM! and the Extraordinaries, a site dedicated to helping people make a difference in their spare time! If you didn't catch the show, here are the basics:

In connection with the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder, the Extraordinaries' micro-volunteering applications (both for the web and the iPhone) are helping our goal of mapping every playspace in the United States. By documenting playspaces, KaBOOM! and communities across the nation (and considering some of our previous entries, around the world!) will have a better idea of where to repair facilities and build new ones so that every child can have a safe place to play within walking distance.

Following last night's news coverage (you can watch the video below), the Extraordinaries has launched a special challenge to San Francisco users to map 500 playgrounds, ball fields, skate parks, or other playspaces in the San Francisco Bay Area by New Year's!

But even if you don't live in the Bay Area, you can still map playspaces in your own area and use a few idle moments to support the cause of play!

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