November 12, 2009

Georgia parents stand up for recess

The DeKalb County (Ga.) school board took a bold stance last week, proclaiming recess to be a right, not a privilege.

"Breaks shall not be withheld from students in kindergarten or grades one through five for disciplinary or academic reasons" was the official wording of the resolution passed Nov. 2.

It couldn't have happened without committed parents pushing for it. Previously, most schools in the county had recess, but it could be denied to a child for disciplinary reasons or cancelled for an entire class due to a conflict.

Our friends at Peaceful Playgrounds have developed a Right to Recess Campaign Toolbox that includes a PowerPoint presentation on the importance of recess, along with other facts and stats so you can do the same as the parents in DeKalb County! Go check it out.

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