February 18, 2009

Canadian couple sells playgrounds on wheels

I just learned about something cool - essentially a playground/gym on wheels called a Tumblebus!

A TUMBLEBUS is a gym on wheels filled with fun equipment--bringing the best possible physical education class to children at daycares, elementary schools, private schools, etc. Cheerfully decorated, the TUMBLEBUS provides a unique and fun way for children to receive the physical fitness that is so important to their development.

So says the Tumblebus website. Here's a snippet from the news article about it that caught my eye.

Jorge and Emma DeSousa were in Hawaii a few years ago when they saw the ad.

It touted the merits of the Tumblebus, a refurbished school bus stocked with gym equipment for kids: tumbling mats, slides, monkey bars, a small zip line, a ball pit and even a mini rock wall.

"We thought, 'What a really cool idea,' " says Emma.

When they returned to Canada, the couple did more research on Tumblebus and learned the Indiana-based company was almost 20 years old and had sold more than 200 mobile gyms across the U.S.

Has anyone seen or tried a Tumblebus before? Tell us about your experience!

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