September 20, 2010

Bright ideas: Parks instead of parking spots

PARKing DayFriday was a bad day to be looking for a parking space. That's because hundreds of them were transformed into temporary public parks as part of PARK(ing) Day, an annual global event. The event is organized by Rebar, a San Francisco art and design studio.

As Rebar points out, "Paying the meter of a parking space enables one to lease precious urban real estate on a short-term basis." The event evolved from a single PARK that Rebar erected in 2005 (pictured left), which consisted of sod, a bench, and a single tree. Rebar says:

Our original PARK stood in place for two hours – the term of the lease offered on the face of the parking meter. When the meter expired, we rolled up the sod, packed away the bench and the tree, and gave the block a good sweep, and left. A few weeks later, as a single iconic photo of the intervention... traveled across the web, Rebar began receiving requests to create the PARK(ing) project in other cities.

Since then, people around the world have added their own creative twists to the concept, using metered parking spaces to play hopscotch, breakdance, and hold chess tournaments, among other activities. See photos from Friday's event:


Learn more about PARK(ing) Day here.

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