March 02, 2011

Bright ideas: Green mud fight!

There's one surefire way to beautify your local playground: just add green. But put away your shovels and gardening gloves; get ready to fling some mud!

The "Batalla Verde," or "Green Battle," was originally staged by the Spanish design firm Urbanolismo in the town of Castell de Guadalest. Seeking an efficient, entertaining, and community-oriented way to plant its newly designed Mora Park Playground, the firm set 200 volunteers loose on huge containers full of seeds, clay, dirt, and water. The result? A massive mud fight that gave rise to a garden a few weeks later.

Has volunteering ever looked so FUN?!




See more photos on Urbanolismo. The firm is seeking a site for its next Green Battle. Any takers?

Special thanks to Playscapes for sharing this wonderful initiative!

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