February 01, 2011

Bright ideas: Build a Fairy House

We've all built sandcastles and snowmen. But have you ever built a Fairy House? These whimsical "bonsai houses," which are the perfect size for fairies and other small creatures, are constructed of natural materials, like sticks, bark, dry grasses, pebbles, shells, feathers, seaweed, and pine cones.

Fairy Houses originated on islands off the coast of New England and have since been popularized by Tracy Kane, author and illustrator of The Fairy Houses Series®, who promotes building them as a way for adults and children to use their imaginations and connect with the natural world.

You don't need a forest to build a Fairy House -- you can build one in your yard, at your local park, or in a tree on your street. Sprinkling Fairy Houses throughout your neighborhood is a surefire way to bring wonder and delight to unsuspecting passersby.

Get inspired!

photo by Urban Sea Star (cc).

photo by Kathie Hodge (cc).


Photo by Clarissa (cc).


Photo by Clarissa (cc).


Left photo by Canton Public Library (cc). Right photo by Ella Larose (cc).


Photo by
Ella Larose (cc).


Photo by Jeff Christiansen (cc).


Photos by Ella Larose (cc).


Photo by Amy Bradstreet (cc).


Photo by Alan Cleaver (cc).

Learn more about Fairy Houses and access instructions for building one at FairyHouses.com.

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