April 28, 2009

Atlanta attorney on playground safety crusade

Atlanta attorney and children's advocate Don Keenan has developed a checklist for parents to bring to the playground to assess and document safety hazards.

With the help of volunteers, the Keenan's Kids Foundation has conducted surveys of parks in Atlanta and DeKalb county over the years. Almost all have failed.

A few weeks ago, he began another survey.

"And it was sad," he said. "Virtually nothing had changed."

Read the full article: Most Playgrounds Fail Safety Check

Most commenters on the original article seem to find the safety standards Keenan has set to be overzealous. "If it were up to these 'child advocacy' groups the kids would receive a safety helmet, elbow/knees pads, steel toed boots, mouth piece, safety glasses, steel mesh suit, shoulder pads, ear plugs and safety gloves while playing with a 2 pack of colored sponges," said commenter SmoKing_Taco.

What's your take? Is he going too far, or are safety standards too often neglected to the detriment of our children? Post your thoughts in the comments.

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