August 21, 2008

Antawn Jamison's KaBOOM! Blog: Summer Winding Down

Well, there's only two weeks left before my first playground build in Bossier City on September 4th. I just realized that the first game of the NFL season will be that night (the Washington Redskins travel to New York to face the defending Super Bowl Champion Giants)! Watching the game that night will be a nice way to unwind after building all day in that Louisiana heat! Football is my second favorite sport besides basketball and I'm excited that the season is about to start.

It will be time for my season to start soon as well. I can't believe how fast the summer has gone by - I think building playgrounds makes it go by even faster! We will begin training camp on September 25th. Since I'm doing my second playground build in Washington DC on the 20th, I'll only have a few days to relax before camp starts, but it's definitely worth it. This year, we're traveling to Richmond, Va. for camp again, but will head to Europe on October 10th to play a few preseason games there and won't return until the 17th. While I'm over there, I might even get a chance to see what European playgrounds look like! After that, it will be time for the grind of the regular season to start!


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