December 18, 2009

'09 flashback: KaBOOM! hits primetime

Parks and RecreationI have to admit, it's a little surreal to see the organization you work for featured in a comedy series on television. 

But then again, I work in an office with a tire swing, so I guess nothing is really that unbelievable!

On Oct. 22, as part of the Entertainment Industry Foundation's iParticipate campaign to promote volunteerism, KaBOOM! was not only mentioned but prominently featured on NBC's "Parks and Recreation" starring Amy Poehler.

In the episode, parks and recreation official Leslie Knope and her team visit the nearby city of Eagleton to help local volunteers and KaBOOM! build a playground. At first, Leslie is skeptical that a playground can actually be built in one day, but as she witnesses the transformation, she catches the KaBOOM! spirit and becomes even more determined to build a new park in place of a giant, ugly construction pit in her town. If you missed it, never fear - you can still watch the episode online.

It's fun to watch Leslie catch the KaBOOM! spirit - even if she and the characters on the show take it to comic extremes! The show brought lots of new people to the KaBOOM! website, and it's been great to see that passion for building great places to play catch on!

So, remember, KaBOOM! actually does exist (contrary to the ending of the Parks and Rec episode!) and we need support from people like you. Make a donation to KaBOOM! today so we can continue ensure that all children have great opportunities for play in their neighborhoods! 

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