August 06, 2012

Take a tour of our new headquarters

Our headquarters in DC has moved to bigger, brighter playground!

You may not believe it from the pictures, but we actually work really hard around here. Because of course, work is most productive when it incorporates lots of play.  

This exclusive photo tour of our new space is sure to make you jealous:

This uplifting photo greets you as you step off the elevator, and other images rotate on the TV monitor. For staff, it's a daily reminder of the pure joy of play!
As you approach the front desk, it quickly becomes clear that this is no 'ordinary' office.
On your left, you'll see our wall of 'Boomers,' as we at KaBOOM! fondly refer to ourselves. By tradition, each staff member receives a hand-drawn caricature on his or her second-year anniversary.
On your right, our lobby tire swing beckons. Around the corner, our kitchen cupboards double as office message boards and spaces for artistic expression.
Our kitchen, lovingly dubbed "Recess Ka-FE!", is a space to take a break, socialize, and enjoy some good eats! As always, our kitchen is stocked with PB&J, bananas, and other tasty snacks.
Next to the kitchen is the "Sandbox," our largest conference room, where some serious digging and creating takes place.
As you meander through the office, playful knick-knacks and treasures abound.
Forget drab, gray cubicles -- our office pods are anything but!
What is just as essential as a Xerox machine? Why, a foosball table, of course!

Photos by talented Boomers Frank Zhu and Lindsay Adeyiga.

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