August 31, 2017

Our response to Hurricane Harvey

Kids on a play web

This week, our hearts are heavy watching news reports of the devastating damage Hurricane Harvey has wrought throughout Texas and beyond. We cannot help but think of the many kids and families who have been displaced and impacted in stressful, scary ways. We know that crises like natural disasters are traumatic for everyone involved— especially kids.

We also know that, in the aftermath of a disaster, it is incredibly important for kids to feel a sense of normalcy despite the stress that they experience. That is why we are working with organizations like Save The Children, who have set up Child Friendly Spaces in shelters located near the impacted areas. These spaces give kids the opportunity to take a break from the surrounding chaos by providing them safe places to play, thus reducing the stress that they are facing. We are in close touch with these organizations and are ready to provide support for kids and families by deploying our creative play products where they tell us they are needed.

We also connected to our Houston-area grantees and organizations that provide relief services for kids and families. We are ready to assess long-term needs once recovery begins. As communities rebuild after a disaster, the needs of kids can often be overlooked. Our priority is to help the neighborhoods and communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey to come together to bring play spaces to the kids who need it most.

Once recovery begins, we are ready to accept any requests and ideas about play space repair and rebuilding across the areas affected. Our greatest hope is that recovery can begin as soon as possible.

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