Rigamajig is a new large-scale building kit designed by Cas Holman for hands-on free play and playful STE(A)M learning

This collection of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and rope allows children to follow their curiosity through play while learning 21st century skills. There are no right or wrong answers; the act of playing and building is the goal, not the finished product. Buy Rigamajig today!

Project plans

Rigamajig has developed project plans for educators to kickstart their kids' use of the collection. With a focus on collaboration and problem solving, the project plans range from the exploration of the various parts to pulley creation.

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Our Story

Conceived and designed as a custom play feature for the High Line Park in New York City, Rigamajig was developed by Cas Holman for Friends of the High Line in collaboration with early learning educators, woodworkers, and children. It was launched in 2011 as the High Line Children's Workyard Kit and reflects the High Line's industrial history, simple and honest materiality, and the organization's dedication to creating meaningful play opportunities for children and families.

Since its debut, Rigamajig has found its way into numerous schools, playgrounds, children's museums, and backyards. The award-winning design is evolving and expanding as we learn from our pilot schools and playful friends.

Cas Holman continues to design and advocate for play, imaginative making, and art education. Her ongoing relationships with visionary schools, teachers, and children's museums give her opportunities to observe and learn from experts in childhood and play. She is a Professor of Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and is constantly discovering connections between design education, early childhood, and play.

Heroes Will Rise

Heroes Will Rise was founded by Cas Holman in 2006 to support well designed, imagination-centric toys. In an effort to maintain a high standard of quality and design, (and because few things are more fun than a factory tour) the company manages the manufacturing of all of its products.

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