Playful City USA

Playful City USA Stories

Playful City USA communities utilize play as an innovative solution to address a number of challenges facing kids, families and communities. In turn, these communities retain a competitive advantage by creating healthier, more vibrant communities where families want to live and companies want to do business.

Our Playful City USA cities are becoming hotbeds of innovation to increase playability. The stories below highlight a number of our honorees and what they've done to make their communities more playable for all kids.

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh shows you what PLAY can do!

The Parks and Recs team showcases the many aspects of playability in their city.

Kenmore, WA

Play in Kenmore makes parking a fun experience

The implementation of play spaces in the most unlikely of places into areas of enjoyment for families.

PCUSA 2016 Story - Evans, CO
Evans, CO

Who says firetrucks can’t be used for play?

Evans Park District collaborates with multiple city entities to ensure kids enjoy summer play.

Safety Harbor, FL

Fiona Fun showcases playful spaces

Safety Harbor mascot Fiona Fun and park recreation associates help acclimate residents to their various play spaces.

PCUSA 2016 Story - Gilbert, AZ
Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert uses play to train a dragon

The city showcases numerous multicultural events that bring knowledge and play to its citizens.