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    How to build a Little Library

    A Little Library is a great way to engage people of all ages with free books for the community. Place a Little Library by playspace benches to create a calming area for adults and children alike!

  • Shading

    How to build a double shade structure

    Shade is a very important topic for many communities when it comes to their children. The structure not only provides a bit of relief from the sun but also adds to the aesthetic quality of the overall playspace. The more inviting a gathering area is, the more likely community members will begin to treat it like the “town square” it should be.

  • Play Elements

    How to build a bean bag toss

    A Bean Bag Toss (otherwise know as Cornhole) is a fun way to add play opportunities in a smaller space. The boards can be decorated in lots of playful ways to make them look bright and engaging. Children and adults of all ages can enjoy this classic cookout game!

  • Play Elements

    How to Build a Gaga Pit

    Ga-ga is a fast-paced, dodgeball-style game played in a fenced-in court (often hexagonal or octagonal) with a single ball and two or more players.

  • Play Elements

    How to paint a basketball court

    Outdoor basketball courts weather a lot of wear and tear. Fresh paint can spark spirit and pride, and painting logos or mascots in center court encourages community identity.

  • Play Elements

    How to paint asphalt games

    Bright games painted on a cement or asphalt surface are a welcome addition to any playground! Use the suggested patterns attached here, or think back to your own childhood to come up with possible games! Note: Your site will obviously have to have a bare cement or asphalt surface on which you can paint, and where children can play safely.

  • Seating

    How to build a deck bench

    Adults and children appreciate having plenty of seating areas in and near their playspace. Benches encourage adult supervision when placed in close proximity to the playground equipment. Seating also encourages a sense of community by creating a designated area for neighbors to gather together, much like a "town square."

  • Landscaping

    How to build a planter box

    Beauty will always enhance a playspace, because it draws people into a common area – and into an opportunity to socialize with fellow community members. The planters also provide a unique opportunity for children to tend to a plant and watch it grow!

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    How to build a recycle/trash bin

    Recycling bins and trash containers help you maintain the playspace by providing places for community members to properly dispose of waste.  Bins can be placed inside these containers, making for a much more attractive receptacle.  The availability of recycling units can also increase the consideration of the environment and empowers playspace users to put green ideas into practice.

  • Paintings

    How to create 1' x 1' murals

    This is a great project for kids! Each child is given a square piece of plywood to paint to beautify the play area. Finished squares can be fastened to a chain-link fence or drilled into wooden walls or fence posts.