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  • 6 hours
  • 4 volunteers
  • Complex
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Ga-ga is a fast-paced, dodgeball-style game played in a fenced-in court (often hexagonal or octagonal) with a single ball and two or more players. Like dodgeball, the object of the game is to knock out your opponets by hitting them with the ball. Unlike dodgeball, however, the ball can only be hit with open hands and is in almost constant motion. Players strike, jump, and run to avoid being hit and are elimanated only when struck on or below the knee.

Originating in Israel, Ga-ga in Hebrew (גע-גע)‎‎ translates literally to “touch-touch”. To start a game, the ball is tossed into the court and players chant “GA!” for each of its first two bounces. After bouncing twice the ball is in play and the game begins. Outside of these basic guidelines the game can differ greatly depending on where you’re playing, ask your friends about their house rules before getting started!