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David Hessekiel, founder of the Cause Marketing Forum, recently ranked KaBOOM! and Home Depot's "1,000 Playspaces in 1,000 Days" as fourth in his list of top ten most influential cause marketing campaigns!

1,000 Playgrounds in 1,000 Days (2005 to 2008): The Home Depot and KaBOOM took employee volunteerism to new heights with this national three-year program to build great places for kids to play within walking distance of their homes.

Check out the blog post to see what other inspiring campaigns made the list!

Pro BowlBefore they compete in the 2010 Pro Bowl Jan. 31, some of the NFL’s biggest stars are coming together together as one team today to build a playground with KaBOOM! as part of the largest community program in the league’s history. Following morning practices Pro Bowl players, coaches and Bank of America community volunteers will spend the afternoon working to improve the South Florida community as part of the first-ever "NFL PLAY 60 Community Blitz" in celebration of the Pro Bowl.  

The playground build will take place at RISE Academy School of Science and Technology, a free public charter elementary school in Broward County. Players will be joined by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, as well as ESPN commentators Jon Gruden, Ron Jaworski and Mike Tirico and will work with KaBOOM!, RISE students, Bank of America associates and other community volunteers to construct a customized playground at the school, which is currently without a gym or play area.  

Simultaneously, other players and Bank of America associates will be working on two other service projects in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. All the projects are each designed to help local children stay healthy and active as part of NFL PLAY 60, the league’s campaign to fight childhood obesity. Bank of America also will donate $100,000 to PLAY 60 non-profit community partners as part of the program. 

You can learn more information about the Blitz here and we'll be live-tweeting the event throughout the day. Then you can see all the great players who helped build the playground in action when the Pro Bowl is played on Jan. 31 at 7:30 p.m. ET on ESPN!

UPDATE: Photos from the build are now available on the NFL website.

Pierre GarconSunday was a great day to relax and watch some football, with teams battling for the chance to play in the Super Bowl on Feb. 7. A round of congrats are in order for the Indianapolis Colts, who will try and win their second Super Bowl in the last four years after beating the New York Jets in a come-from-behind 30-17 victory yesterday! The Colts are great champions for the cause of play, having partnered with KaBOOM! to build playgrounds in each of the last two years.

Thanks to the generosity of the Colts, National Starch and Lucas Oil, the students at Eliza Blaker School 55 in Indianapolis now have a great, wonderful place to play. On Sept. 29, 255 volunteers took time out of their schedules to build a brand new playground that serves the 300+ children who attend the school. Several Colts players, including Hank Baskett, Kyle Devan, Jamie Silva, Jordan Senn, and Pierre Garcon were on hand to help build the playground. In 2008, the Colts and National Starch partnered with KaBOOM! to give the children at Daniel Webster Family Academy a great place to play (video here).

Jordan SeenIt was almost an “all-KaBOOM!” Super Bowl matchup this year as the Minnesota Vikings, who have built four playgrounds with KaBOOM! and The Toro Company, lost in overtime to the New Orleans Saints 31-28.

More fun will come this week as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and several NFL players will join hundreds of volunteers for a playground build on Thursday in South Florida in conjunction with the NFL PLAY 60 Community Blitz. Taking place prior to the Pro Bowl (Sunday, Jan. 31), the NFL PLAY 60 Community Blitz is the largest community program in the league’s history. NFL PLAY 60 is designed to tackle childhood obesity through programming, grants and media time for public service announcements.

I think it goes without saying that no matter who your team is, NFL PLAY 60 is something we can all cheer for! 

SUPERVALU volunteersIn honor of both the National Day of Service and Inspiration Monday, I have a very special story to share with you.

One of the things I like best about KaBOOM! is that no two playgrounds we build are the same. Every one is custom-designed by the kids and families who will use it, tailored to the needs of that specific community.

And for one particular playground build with SUPERVALU in Bakersfield, Calif. on Oct. 29, the community had very specific needs that needed to be met. This playground was built to serve an after-school program for children with autism. And, well, I'll let Ramona Puget, who runs the program, explain what a difference it made:

This playground has been a blessing for this program. Our students did not have an outdoor activity other than riding bikes to play on and dirt to kick a ball on. For autistic children this is not really motivating for them, nor do they have the coordination to do these activities real well. They need to be very active in running, and manipulating objects. With the sensory component of the bells, xylophone, drums, climbing structure and movement of the bus, it helps them to control those areas they have strong points in. 

The children who would not play are PLAYING with others on the structure, and not just parallel play. The joy and excitement we see in their overall personalities is priceless. They are happy, elated with a sense of pride that this is their playground and they look forward to coming to "Fun School"! The other day it was a little windy, and started to drizzle, and the children were upset because they did not want to come in because they were having so much fun. So through the wind and drizzle we continued to play and had a day of unexpected play weather. Nothing can stop them from enjoying this playground, not even the elements. 

Learn more about playspace needs for children with autism

Do you have experience working with kids with autism? What would your dream playground for them look like? 

Inspiration Monday is a regular KaBOOM! blog feature. 

December 28, 2009 KaBOOM!

Inspiration Monday: Corona Park

With the holiday season winding down and a new year fast approaching, we figured that the good cheer shouldn’t have to dwindle! It’s in this spirit that we give you the last Inspiration Monday of 2009. But don’t worry! There are plenty of great stories to continue into 2010, and many more memories to be made!

There's something to be said about the physical transformation of a space that happens when a brand new playground is built. What one might not realize, however, is that when a community works together to accomplish this task, the greatest transformation tends to be something intangible: the changing of minds.

Such a change occurred in the city of La Habra, Calif. following its playground build at Corona Park on Aug. 15. It was here that 214 adult volunteers and 50 children (playing games and wielding paintbrushes for their own 1x1 murals) came together to turn an empty lot where gangs tended to congregate into a safe haven of community pride and fellowship. A week following the opening, one of the residents who was asked about how the playground looked stated that she hadn’t been able to see the playground due to the number of kids enjoying it!

However, the lasting effect has been on the neighborhood as a whole. Followers have become leaders. There have been stories of neighbors putting aside their disputes and using the park as a place of gathering and camaraderie. In an area usually full of gang activity, there hasn’t been a single instance of vandalism on the site and, in fact, it seems to be protected from such occurrences as a safe place for the children. Gangs have dissipated because parents are actually sitting outside with their kids. There’s always someone to watch over the playground and keep it clean and neat, and the park has even become the host to numerous activities including monthly community meetings (with higher attendance than ever)!

"Inspiration Monday" is a new, regular KaBOOM! blog feature.

December 03, 2009 KaBOOM!

Gerry Megas named CFO of the Year

KaBOOM! Chief Financial Officer Gerry Megas was honored by the Washington Business Journal as the region’s Non-Profit CFO of the Year on Wednesday evening.

Selected over stiff competition, Gerry’s contributions have led KaBOOM! to a more secure financial situation and increased its operating reserve by bringing in his experience from the for-profit sector as a CPA and CFO for U.S. Foodservice.

Joining KaBOOM! in 2006, Gerry initiated a number of changes in accounting, budgeting and financial controls to ensure the stability of the organization, helping to almost double its contribution to net assets from $907,000 in 2007 to $1.5 million in 2008. In 2007, Gerry established a financial plan that increased the KaBOOM! organizational operating reserve from a capacity of two months to nine months by the end of 2008.

Congrats Gerry!

October 23, 2009 KaBOOM!

KaBOOM! hits primetime! (NBC)

Parks and RecNBC's "Parks & Recreation" is a comedy starring Amy Poehler (from "Saturday Night Live") as Leslie Knope, a parks and recreation official who wants to build a new playground.

Of course, we've always known that if Leslie would just check out KaBOOM!, we could help her get that playground built. Turns out that producers at "Parks and Recreation" had the same idea, and decided to feature KaBOOM! on the show.

On this episode, which aired Oct. 22, 2009, Leslie and her team visited the nearby city of Eagleton and the KaBOOM! build taking place there. At first, Leslie is skeptical that a playground can actually be built in one day, but as she witnesses the transformation, she catches the KaBOOM! spirit and becomes even more determined to get her playground built. “Parks & Recreation” featured KaBOOM! in the episode as part of NBC’s participation in the Entertainment Industry Foundations (EIF) drive to feature volunteering across all networks called “iParticipate.” 

Thanks to NBC and the producers of “Parks & Recreation” for inviting us to be a part of the fun.  We hope you enjoy the episode, and we hope that you take a moment to check out the many ways you can get involved.

UPDATE: Read what our CEO has to say about the episode in the Huffington Post.

October 20, 2009 KaBOOM!

Help us spread the word!

"Leslie" and "Keef" on "Parks and Recreation"As mentioned in a previous post, KaBOOM! will be featured on Thursday’s episode of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” You can help us spread the word! If you’ve got a blog, write a post about it in advance of the episode (feel free to use the text from our previous blog post), and if you’re on Twitter, here are some sample tweets you can send:

Yay for play! Amy Poehler gets inspired by @kaboomplay on Thu.’s ep of “Parks and Recreation” – watch it! #playoutdoors

I’m going to watch @kaboomplay on #parksandrec Thursday on NBC - 8:30 PM EST/PST (7:30 PM CST)! Join me!

Did you know @kaboomplay will be featured on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” as part of the “I Participate” campaign? Check it out Thu. nite!

You can also spread the word on Facebook with your status message. How about something like this?

Did you know KaBOOM! will be featured on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” as part of the “I Participate” campaign? Check it out Thursday nite! http://bit.ly/3C0lk0

If you have a watch party, take some photos and email them to us - we may post them on the site!

Also, if you’re on Twitter, we’ll be live-tweeting the episode on Thursday. Be sure to check it out!

September 11, 2009 KaBOOM!

KaBOOM! to be featured on NBC show

Amy PoehlerI've been itching to tell you about this, and finally the cat's out of the bag. Coming this October, as part of the Entertainment Industry Foundation's volunteer week (which is part of the I Participate campaign), KaBOOM! will be featured on the NBC show Parks and Recreation, starring Amy Poehler!

KaBOOM! will fit into the ongoing storyline of the quest to turn an abandoned construction pit into a community park. Here's a bit more detail from a recent article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy:

The show's producer called KaBOOM!, and the charity's founder, Darell Hammond, and other staff members have helped the show develop the episode, including sending two project managers to work with set designers to build a playground.

[Alison] Risso, [KaBOOM! director of communications,] says the portrayal of a KaBOOM! project manager in the script­ — which the charity reviewed for accuracy­­ — is a tad, shall we say, exaggerated. But, she says, "it's good fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we do take building playgrounds seriously. If the show can help raise the importance of play, we're all for it."

I'm really excited to see the finished product. We'll post more detail as we get closer to the airdate, so stay tuned!

Rev Run and JustineKaBOOM! playground builds in the news!
Everybody loves Reverend Run, especially when he's building playgrounds! He and his wife Justine Simmons, along with KOOL-AID, helped build a great new place to play in Phoenix last week, and this blogger loved every minute of it! In the photo to the right, they're doing arts and crafts with the kids at the build.

Cruising over to the middle of the United States, our recent build with Mutual of Omaha got some nice press coverage in the Omaha World-Herald on Thursday and Friday. It was also featured on their local NBC affiliate, WOWT. It sounds like a really fun playground, too: "The new playground includes a large playscape, new tetherball poles, a sandbox and benches," says one of the World-Herald articles. "Sand and gravel pits have been replaced with grass and mulch, and volunteers installed benches for an outdoor classroom." We'll be posting photos soon, so you can see for yourself!

Meanwhile, way over in New Jersey..."Even with the rain, everybody came out excited, dedicated and ready to work," said Monique Reddick, social services coordinator for the Volunteers of America Delaware Valley's transitional housing complex, about the recent playground build in Camden.

And zooming back to Idaho..."The Kroegers gave this park to promote the growth and development of the community. Ninety years later, we're promoting the growth and development of kids," Boise resident Kathleen Fahey told the Idaho Statesman A great new playground was built in Boise on Saturday with help from Albertsons and KaBOOM!.

Thanks for the shout-outs!
Thanks to  AARP and Seattle Stay at Home Moms Examiner  for some nice shout-outs about volunteering and Play Days, respectively!