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Best Practices in Play

In municipalities across America, engaged citizens and civic leaders are actively seeking innovative ways to improve the accessibility, quality, and quantity of play and play spaces for children. To help cities build awareness and political capital and develop a policy on play, KaBOOM! identified 12 relevant and innovative best practices in play.

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Nonprofit Innovation   |   Mayoral Champions   |   Public Private Partnership   |    Recommendations and Play Policy

Nonprofit Innovation

Learning Landscapes (pdf)
Denver, CO
Mobilizing community, connecting schools to neighborhoods
The Switch® Program (pdf)
Cedar Rapids, IA
Changing critical health behaviors, measuring and incentivizing healthy habits
The Freiker Program (pdf)
Boulder, CO
Technology-based program, rewarding physical activity, increasing bike trips to school
Playworks (formerly Sports4Kids) (pdf)
Baltimore, MD
Improving student behavior, changing school culture, programming school recess

Mayoral Champions

Joint-Use Agreements with Tucson Unified School District (pdf)
Tucson, AZ
Reducing maintenance costs, conducting play space safety audits
Play ‘N’ Close to Home (pdf)
St. Petersburg, FL
Increasing play space within walking distance
Boston Schoolyard Initiative (pdf)
Boston, MA
Reconstructing schoolyards, improving green spaces, engaging community

Public Private Partnership

Joint-Use Agreements with Home Owners Associations (pdf)
Greenbelt, MD
Increasing playground access, improving maintenance
Governing Through Citizen Engagement (pdf)
Ankeny, IA
Engaging stakeholders, creating master plans, securing donors
ParkScan and the Playground Report Card (pdf)
San Francisco, CA
Computer-based mapping and data collection
Streets as Places to Play (pdf)
New York, NY
Developing strategic alliances, expanding playable space
High Point Housing Project (pdf)
Seattle, WA
Integrating government agency plans, successful play spaces in mixed income community

Recommendations and Play Policy

Recommendations and Play Policy (pdf)
Initiative Process Recommendations
Play Policy Recommendations
National Play Policy in the 21st Century