Powerful stories of how KABOOM! transforms communities across the country

Volunteer returns to hometown to make a difference

By KABOOM! | April 17, 2019

Meet Ed Nora, a CarMax associate who recently volunteered to build a new playground at Smith Park in San Gabriel, CA — the same magical place where he played as a kid.

See how neighbors came together to create a great place for kids

Chicago community unites to provide a safe place for kids to play

By KABOOM! | October 5, 2018

Chicago CRED, KABOOM!, Chicago Park District and the Chicago White Sox, alongside residents of the Pullman neighborhood, rolled up their sleeves to bring a safe place to play to some of the city’s most vulnerable kids.

Read how a truce between gangs led to a new playground and a renewed community

Rebuilding Texas, together

By KABOOM! | October 4, 2018

Read two stories from the partnership between KABOOM! and Rebuild Texas Fund, depicting how we've helped kids in Southeast Texas communities heal and regain a sense of normalcy.

Read how a community faced life after Hurricane Harvey together

Reinvigorating an East Baltimore community with a new playground

By KABOOM! | October 2, 2018

Since 2001, KABOOM! has brought more than $5 million dollars in resources to address the needs of Baltimore's kids. In June 2017, we built new partnerships to bring a new playground to Eager Park.

Watch how a new playground brought the Eager Park community together

Play Everywhere Creates Opportunities for Play in Everyday Spaces

By KABOOM! | October 1, 2018

Play Everywhere reshapes city infrastructure to include kids and families – and play – and turns moments of frustration into moments of joy.

Watch how Play Everywhere can turn moments of frustration into moments of joy

To solve the epidemic of kids and screens, say, 'Yes' to zip lines and super slides

By James Siegal | September 30, 2018

When given the choice, most kids would rather play outside. Increasing outdoor play for kids isn't a question of desire, its a question of priorities, resources, public will and equity.

Learn more about the real solutions we can take to increase play away from screens

KABOOM! and Target hosted the 2018 Play Everywhere Tour in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Miami

By KABOOM! | September 29, 2018

Powered by KABOOM! and Target, the Play Everywhere Tour traveled to Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Miami to bring kids and families together for a fun-filled day of play.

See the highlights from the 2018 Play Everywhere Tour

City council member works to build a playground for her community and her son

By KABOOM! | September 28, 2018

Since she was elected as a city council member in 2015, Cara Spencer has been working to make her neighborhood, Gravois Park, a safer place for her son and for all who live there.

Learn how Cara Spencer transformed a dangerous park into a place for kids and families

Our 3000th playground, celebrating a PLAYce for kids

By KABOOM! | September 27, 2018

Local residents from Congress Heights in Washington D.C. joined KABOOM! to build the 3,000th playground in KABOOM! history — an amazing day as partners from across the country, families in the community and the entire KABOOM! staff came together to build this milestone playground.

See photos and videos from this magical day

Volunteering experience leads to healing and renewed relationships

By KABOOM! | September 26, 2018

Old friends worked side-by-side, and at the end of the day, they joined the full team of volunteers to celebrate the completion of the brand new playground they'd helped build together.

Learn how one volunteer found catharsis shoveling mulch