Powerful stories of how KABOOM! transforms communities across the country

Volunteering experience leads to healing and renewed relationships

By KABOOM! | September 26, 2018

Old friends worked side-by-side, and at the end of the day, they joined the full team of volunteers to celebrate the completion of the brand new playground they'd helped build together.

Learn how one volunteer found catharsis shoveling mulch

Play More B'More: Putting Kids First in Baltimore

By KABOOM! | September 25, 2018

Play More B'More creates playspaces that make it easier for kids to get the play they need in Baltimore. Through multi-sector partnerships, we are increasing access to play in some of Baltimore's most challenged neighborhoods.

Baltimore revitalized their communities by putting kids first

Operation Playground: Looking back at the Gulf Coast, 10 years later

By KABOOM! | September 24, 2018

When Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, KABOOM! launched Operation Playground. Through the program and in the following years, KABOOM! channeled more than $27.1 million and mobilized 43,791 volunteers into the Gulf Coast to build playgrounds and restore childhoods.

Find out how we built over 190 playgrounds, serving 293,929 kids in the Gulf Coast

President Obama and the First Lady volunteer with KABOOM! on the National Day of Service

By KABOOM! | September 23, 2018

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama joined KABOOM! and other service organizations to commemorate the 2014 National Day of Service and Remembrance.

See video and photos from the Day of Service

Taking action in Moore, OK

By KABOOM! | September 22, 2018

In the aftermath of an EF5 tornado in Oklahoma, KABOOM! built 5 playgrounds and awarded two Imagination Playground™ sets.

Watch as the community brings joy back to the students of Briarwood Elementary

Beginnings of KABOOM!

By KABOOM! | September 21, 2018

KABOOM! was founded to make it possible for all kids – no matter their zip code or skin color – to have the same opportunity to play.

From tragedy springs hope