PLAYce for Kids Day

A national celebration for kids and communities

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Celebrating a milestone

The start of the very first KaBOOM! playground build was on October 18, 1995 in our founding city, Washington, DC. And exactly 22 years later, KaBOOM! will build its 3,000th playground. It will be a very special, innovative playspace— in what was formerly a play desert— right back here in our nation's capital.

Then, we are throwing a grand opening celebration: PLAYce for Kids Day! The first KaBOOM! playground was completed on October 21, 1995, and PLAYce for Kids Day is happening on that exact day this year. This extraordinary milestone offers a perfect platform to spotlight the invaluable role of play in the lives of kids. This special PLAYce will celebrate our partners' legacy of impact and our shared vision for playable communities of the future.

PLAYce for Kids Day will take place on October 21. Join us in our celebration by investing in our PLAYce for Kids Day or hosting your own in your community!

October 18, 1995: The first KaBOOM! playground is built at Livingston Manor, Washington DC.
October 21, 1995: The first KaBOOM! playground is built at Livingston Manor, Washington D.C.

How to organize your community's PLAYce for Kids Day

A celebration is a great way to give thanks to the community members that have made your success possible. It's also a unique opportunity to inspire and unite people towards a mission. As seen in our 3,000 community playground builds, the energy generated in simply bringing people together creates unparalleled positivity, excitement, and most importantly unity.

Securing individual support

To make your PLAYce for Kids Day a celebration to remember, you'll need to recruit your own all-star team for the big game! Here are some tools to get the right people on your bus! Use the resources below to start planning your celebration.

Inviting people to your event

When you were a kid, making friends was as easy as asking "Do you want to play?" Kids asked anyone and everyone! The same spirit should be used when inviting people to your event. PLAYce for Kids Day is the perfect chance to meet new friends, connect with old friends, and further expand your sense of community. Don't know who to invite and how? Let these tools help you channel your inner kid to ask the neighbors that just moved in, the business owner that opened a new shop, the staff from your favorite restaurant, store or supermarket, "Do you want to play?"

Join the movement

Whether you're a past partner of KaBOOM! or a group of play advocates in your home town, we want to see how your community likes to play! Join the PLAYce for Kids Day movement and spread the word about your PLAYce with help from some of these resources!

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood."Fred Rogers