Story Book Walk Outside Phillis Wheatly Library Link copied!


About the project

The storybook walk around Phillis Wheatley library offers interactive games with storybook themes along the sidewalk. Mounted book pages around the library give families and kids the experience of walking through their favorite story, while getting active and having fun. The stories rotate between published works and those created by local kids. In addition to the installation on the exterior, the library hosts a program for kids and youth called “Our Story.” Through workshops, kids learn about grammar and the basic components of stories, including writing, art and design. Once completed, the stories are mounted in the library’s storybook walk for the neighborhood to enjoy.

Community impact

Kids at the library understand that the sidewalk art is an opportunity for them to “play along the way.” When kids work with local artists and illustrators they are excited to share their story with the neighborhood. The storybook walk creates a kid-friendly, playful area for kids who may not have the opportunity to play every day.