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About the project

In partnership with the Clinton County Health Department, Champlain Centre Mall warms up residents of all ages with an interactive floor technology system that gets people moving at no cost. The indoor installation projects more than 70 sensor-driven images on an open space. The body tracking and gesture recognition system monitor and respond to the positions of the body, allowing for real-time motion control and interaction with display graphics. The technology is bright, vibrant and virtually impossible to walk past without exploring. The equipment blends mental and physical activity, and encourages kids to navigate the ever-changing images and games.

Community impact

On average, Champlain Centre Mall receives 27,500 visitors a day. Due to drastic weather changes, the community is constantly looking for low-cost or no-cost indoor opportunities. This project has gotten people moving more and sitting less. This project also brings in an educational component and encourages interaction among kids and parents.