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About the project

BUSt! Boredom encourages wonder, conversation, pride and a sense of belonging for the predominantly low- income individuals who pass through the Transit Center each day. What used to be a wait without green space and activities is now filled with interactive wall and ceiling installations, including:

  • Gears: a kinetic installation of kid-powered recycled bicycle wheels that turn using a low handle and continuous cable.
  • One Light, Two Light, Red Light, Blue Light: a series of motion-activated LED lights installed behind the glass blocks of the waiting area wall. Riders can interact with the motion detected lights, which encourage play and movement.

Community impact

BUSt! Boredom makes play easy by meeting kids and families where they are on their daily journey. Citizens reported feeling safer at the play project than they did in the general neighborhood. Additionally, a diverse group of kids were seen playing together at Transit Center, which is an unusual event in that environment. These playful interventions in the daily commute of transit riders demonstrates the potential the space holds. BUSt! Boredom is the first step in many planned changes to come to this block of the city.