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    Boston, MA

    Kit of Parks

    Kit of Parks delivers play in less than 5 minutes to low income families in Boston.

  • Project

    Detroit, MI

    Brightmoor Runway

    Transforming a section of a broken sidewalk into an illuminated running, play, and exercise track.

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    Tahlequah, OK

    The Place Where They Play

    Play panels that stimulate the mind, body and spirit offer safe spaces to the Tahlequah, Oklahoma, community.

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    Houston, TX

    Connect Community Crossroads

    Painting streets to help remind kids to take care when crossing the road.

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    Randolph, VT

    Laundromat Theater

    The Laundromat Theater transforms an ordinary errand into an opportunity for families to connect and create.

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    Charlotte, NC


    GovPorch reimagines the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center Plaza as a fun space where low income kids and their families can spend time and exercise their active minds, bodies and souls.

  • Project

    Des Moines, IA

    Sidewalk Chalk Flood 2.0

    Thanks to playable spaces, inclement weather takes on a whole new meaning for students at King Elementary in Des Moines, Iowa.

  • Project

    Vallejo, CA

    Mosaic Miniature Market

    Transforming unused space in front of a store into a playful, kid-sized market

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    Santa Rosa, CA

    Indigenous Play for Active Lives

    An interactive and portable sidewalk display engaging kids with play, singing, counting and speaking in Native American languages.

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    Decatur, GA

    J.U.M.P.! or Join Us at the MARTA Playspace

    The JUMP Playspace uses murals and games to turn a bare, uninviting gateway in Decatur, Georgia, into a dedicated space for creativity and play.