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We are partnering with systems, municipalities, and nonprofit networks to ensure every child can access the critical development benefits that an amazing place to play provides. Learn more about how we work with our playce partners and how to join our 25 in 5 cohort.

Playce Partner Commitments

Below are the five commitments we ask our playce partners to make to the Initiative and our work together.


Demonstrate public commitment to addressing playspace inequity. Each playce will commit to working together to determine local need via mapping and assessment (or analysis of existing reports on playspace inequity) and identify where inequities must be addressed first across a system or network. We will also share data and measure key child and community outcomes associated with our playspaces. This includes a willingness to share data and publish results to drive the work.


Commit to engaging with and centering community voice in the process. The KABOOM! Community Engagement Model will be used as a baseline approach to ensure community members are able to contribute to the design, planning, and playspace building process.


Prepare and publish a report outlining what was discovered in the initial equity assessment. This report will outline the case for need via the mapping/assessment (or analysis of mapping/assessment) results and will be used to secure funding and raise awareness for the issues we are working to address.


Work collectively to identify and secure the funding resources to address the inequities identified in our assessment. KABOOM! will lead the development of a joint fundraising strategy to secure the public, private, and/or philanthropic funding needed to complete all aspects of the Initiative work (including mapping, assessment, public report development, campaign development, and overall investment to playspace infrastructure projects to address the need).


Participate in cross-25 in 5 Initiative cohort learning opportunities and share ideas around all aspects of how each playce is working to address playspace inequities.

Playce Partner Benefits

Below are the ways our playce partners may benefit and find value from being a part of the 25 in 5 Initiative cohort:

  • Resource generation. The resources (and multiplier of resources) this work will attract to the partner’s system or network.

  • Access to national expertise on various aspects of achieving playspace equity via KABOOM! experience (26 years) and connections (Advisory Council, peer partners, etc.)

  • Local data. Mapping and assessment (and/or analysis of existing reporting) activity and a report that clearly defines the playspace need.

  • Accelerated impact. Opportunity to create new playspaces together at an accelerated scale and pace.

  • Local and national visibility. The spotlight and attention the public announcements, reporting, and overall thought leadership will bring to each playce on addressing playspace equity.

  • Shared learning from a group cohort who are all working together to address their system’s playspace equity needs.

Interest Form

The following questions will allow us to evaluate and select partners whose interest, values, and stated commitment align with the goals of the 25 in 5 Initiative to End Playspace Inequity.

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